Projektit (Projects)

Tänne voi kerätä juttua sekä omista, että yhteisistä projekteista, kukin haluamallaan tavalla.

hacker description started
3D printer ?n2o_skillz 2014-11-17
Adjustable length yagi/dipole wilho DIY variable length yagi / dibole antenna, made of cheap materials 2016-03-07
AtomicZombie Warrior ?voneiden ?AtomicZombie Warrior Tadpole recumbent trike. 2016-04-01
Avaruuspallo 2011-10-13
AWDL turmio Hacking Apple AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link) which is used for AirDrop, AirPlay etc. AWDL combines usage of Wifi and Bluetooth LE to create "ad-hoc" kind of WiFi network to communicate with other Apple devices. It is enabled by default and really hard to disable. 2019-01-12
BlindRodPart otter Spare part for window blinds that cannot be bought anywhere 2017-03-09
Chinese servo drive DCS810 ?chadez 2014-02-28
CNCRouter ?voneiden Building a relatively low cost DIY CNC with a stiff frame 2015-12-04
FanCont kaspe 2011-09-20
GroundStation turmio Ground station planning 2012-08-15
Hacking CiscoEPC3825 turmio Hacking Ciscos cable modem used by DNA (EPC3825) 2015-12-28
Hacking Inetno DG201A turmio, ms Hacking Intenos VDSL -box 2013-11-07
Hacking NEO Wi-Fi Power Switch turmio Bought NEO Wi-Fi Pwoer switch which can be controlled over the Internet via some cloud service. I will try to reverse engineer how it works. Raw notes will be here. 2016-02-01
Hacking TP-Link N750 turmio Reverse engineering 2014-03-20
Hacking YamahaRX-V475 Amp turmio Yamaha RX-v475 reverse engineering 2013-12-03
Hacking ZTE MF823 USB-4G Modem turmio ZTE MF823 USB 3G/4G USB-modem. It seems to be running on Linux. These are 2015-08-25
HackingBusDisplays otter, turmio Reverse engineering old ?BudDisplay from the year 2000 and building something new with it 2014-07-10
HackingHueBridge turmio I will try to get shell from the PHILIPS hue bridge v 2.0. You can find my raw notes from here 2015-12-29
HackingOldTomTomXL turmio Notes about reversing old ?TomTom XL 2015-07-11
HackingOnkyo TR-NX509 turmio Getting shell from Onkyos AVR with network capabilities 2011-09-06
HackingPrepaidData turmio One operator in Finland had vulnerability in prepaid payment system which allowed attacker to manipulate the price of prepaid data-package. (Report is in Finnish) 2015-10-19
HackingSamsungSmartTV turmio Reversing Samsung Smart TV 2014-12-29
HackingWithAriettaG25 turmio Playing around with Arietta G25 2014-11-25
ham satellite tracking with sony ptz camera wilho 2015-02-04
HomeAutomation turmio Home automation planning 2012-08-28
HomemadeIdependentWeatherstation turmio Weatherstation project 2015-06-02
kaspe/EmbeddedLinux kaspe 2011-09-17
kaspe/Quatrocopter kaspe 2011-09-11
Näyttöseinä ecode, ?oherrala 3x2 näyttöseinä vanhoista Dell 1907FP näytöistä 2017-11-30
OHM2013 otter Trip to OHM 2013
PiRotator wilho Current commercial az/el antenna rotators are really expensive(easily over 1500€ with controllers), and moreover technically most are from 90s (analog potentiometer sensors/control, no network, rs/lpt controllable, no web, no rest api, etc).I tried to take little bit different approach.. 2015-10-02
QuadCopter otter 2015-06-17
RadioHackingWithoutSkills turmio Really no skills
Raspberry1Wire 2012-10-03
RaspberryPiTempSensor kummah, otter, turmio Simple 18B20 temperature sensort test with raspberry pi 2013-07-25
ReverseEngineeringEyeTV turmio Notes about reversing EyeTV 2011-09-26
RuuviTagienKimppatilaus turmio RuuviTag kimppatilaus tarlabin jäsenille 2018-02-22
SolarWithEnergyStorage wilho Hacker minded Solar power setup 2017-09-14
TelegramEMEBot wilho OH8ETB Telegram bot which bridges messages from and to jt65emeA chat and shows spots from LiveCQ 2016-10-21
thauta/carmedia thauta 2013-03-07
thauta/vehicleToAndroid thauta 2013-04-04
Toyota Touch & Go turmio, wilho, ms Hacking Head Unit of Toyota Avensis (Toyota model in Europe) 2012-03-05 12:33:07
Verkkokurssi otter 2014-03-25
VerkkoOpiskelu otter 2013-01-20
VäyläPiraatti ?oherrala 2011-09-02
WhatsInsideOfCheapWlanBox turmio
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